My background is in Earth and environmental sciences, with particular focus on the interaction between ice, climate and geomorphology.



My research currently encompasses three main areas:

1) determining the past size of ice sheets and associated contribution to sea-level change;

2) investigating the drivers and mechanisms of ice sheet behaviour; and

3) developing the applications of cosmogenic nuclides and surface-exposure dating.

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I am passionate about engaging the wider public in Antarctica and climate-related science. In particular, I share my Antarctic experiences through an online blog, videos, news articles, and was co-founder of Climatica – a climate science-public interaction initiative.


We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future, The Conversation (July 2022).

Cold warning from Antarctica’s past, NZ Herald (November 2015).

Antarctic glacier’s past rapid retreat, Radio NZ (November 2015).

Dating of moraines around Lake Ohau, GNS Science outreach blog (September 2013).


Research Fellow (ARC DECRA), Monash University (March 2020–Present)

Junior Research Fellow, Durham University (November 2016–October 2019).

Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory Manager, Victoria University of Wellington (June–October 2016).

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Victoria University of Wellington (June 2015–June 2016).


  • 2015, Ph.D., Physical Geography, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ).
  • 2009, M.Sc. (Distinction), Quaternary Science, University of London (UK).
  • 2008, B.Sc. (1st Class Hons.), Physical Geography with Environmental Science, University of Gloucestershire (UK).


  • 2021, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (Australian Research Council), ‘Characteristics and controls of ice sheet loss on centennial timescales’, AU$411,000.
  • 2017, New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute grant, ‘Potential for non-linear, threshold-driven response of Antarctic outlet glaciers; insights from David Glacier, Antarctica’ (AI), NZ$115,000.
  • 2016, International Junior Research Fellowship (Marie Sklodowska-Curie cofunded by Durham University).
  • 2016, President’s Award for Best Doctoral Thesis, New Zealand Geographical Society.
  • 2015, New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute grant, ‘Constraining Antarctica’s contribution to past global sea level rise in Northern Victoria Land and the western Ross Sea’ (Co-PI), NZ$100,000.